“We are incredibly powerful as women!”
— Christina Michelle

Sometimes we just need a second set of eyes, a fresh perspective and a little (or a lot) of support to help us get to where we want to be.  That's where I come in as your coach!  With a unique blend of powerful coaching techniques, proven mindset principles and mindfulness psychotherapy, I'll help you reach and even exceed your goals.  My style is genuine and direct, and my coaching strengths are in the areas of living with intention and clarity, ending destructive relationship patterns and increasing self-confidence. 

In 2010 I left a relationship that didn't honor me at the highest level by literally getting off of the plane to Jamaica for our destination wedding.  I decided that it would be the beginning of a radical self-love journey where I would love God with all my heart, love myself harder than ever before and live my purpose with freedom, courage and passion.  I earned my first coaching certification in 2011 & since then have been helping women to elevate the way they think about themselves, turn limiting beliefs into empowering ones and changing their life.  I'm devoted to helping you honor yourself, and over come  every real or perceived hindrance stopping you from living freely, authentically and one-mindfully.  With this burning intention, I'm proud to announce that I've created Empress Academy - premium coaching for women who are ready to elevate their mindset and rule their world.  In the academy you will learn how to use your power of intention and clarity, develop a deeper love for yourself and use mindfulness and emotion regulation to create a life you will absolutely adore.    

If you want more info about Empress Academy, lets get acquainted!  Schedule a private, free 30 minute consultation and let's see how the academy can serve you.  Also, remember to sign up to receive weekly transformation tips & follow me on Instagram & Facebook for inspirational messages and interaction with my tribe. 

Reaching your potential and realizing your dreams matters.  Wherever you are in your journey, I'm here to serve you and I'm holding space for your best life.... let's do this!    

Since 2011 Christina has helped her clients gain clarity of purpose, become more confident in their decisions, end the cycle of bad  relationships and stay accountable to their goals.  She's currently working on her first book "Just Get Off The Plane!"   Inspired by her own story of getting off the plane to her destination wedding, her book helps women walk away from relationships that don't honor them and into a life of healthy love and self-respect.

Christina is certified by World Coach Institute and Awyken Life Coaching.  She is a University of Southern California Alumni & is trained in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault advocacy, Substance Abuse Counseling & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  She currently resides between Los Angeles, California and Juneau, Alaska.