I get it!  Some people are fuzzy on what Life Coaching is and what it can do for them.  If that's you, let me clear things up for you:  Life Coaching starts with where you are now, gives you the space to choose where you want to go, then offers tools, guidance, motivation and confidence to get there.   Since most coaching is done over the phone, this makes it convenient for us to have sessions no matter where you are.  Coaching is a commitment to yourself first and comes with a level of accountability to your coach too, so it's important to find one who you like and look forward to working with.  I've spent a lot of time over the years getting clear on what the women who come to me for coaching really want.  From that work, I came up with a list of things that are true of the women who have the most success coaching with me.      

Can you say "yes" to 3 or more of these statements?

I want to...

  • Step into a new season of my life where I'm constantly achieving goals so big I'm shocking myself!
  • Improve my thoughts and outlook on life
  • Redefine my career goals (ie. stop doing work I hate & love my work every single day)
  • Ask for, and get what I want without feeling bad about it

  • Get unstuck

  • Get clear

  • Use mindfulness and gratitude to have more of what fulfills me

  • Get along with people better and have more fulfilling relationships

  • Handle stressful and tough situations gracefully (without making them worse)

  • Control my feelings instead of letting them control me

  • Be more confident

  • Set healthy boundaries for myself and others

  • Thrive!

"CREATE your life. Stop settling for whatever you just 'happen' to get." - Christina Michelle

I'm an expert in helping you get clear on who you want to BE, what you want to DO and what you want to HAVE through Creative Visioning.  Whether you want to work on relationships, getting more organized, increasing confidence, career goals or something else, my signature coaching course "CREATE Your Life, Live on Purpose" can help you get there.  This program is carefully structured so that you know the what's and when's of what you'll accomplish each session and by the end of the course.   I am only able to take 4 new clients per month so there may be a few weeks before we can get started, but working with me, your confidence will soar.  Good changes will happen.  Your peace of mind will increase.  People in your life will notice you just seem - better, and that's because you will be.

~ CREATE Your Life Signature Coaching Package - 1999.00

Introductory offer 999.00 through 9/30/17

This is my brand new coaching program developed from lots of time working with women and hearing what they really want in life.  It will help you get something you've so desperately been needing - CLARITY on WHO you want to be, WHAT you want to do and what you want to HAVE in a particular area or in your life overall.  Through this program you'll get rid of issues holding you back and learn perspective shifting exercises that translate into total and complete changes in your career, relationships and just about anything else you want to fix.   By the end of these 12 sessions you will have more peace and clarity, more love for yourself and a deeper understanding and awareness of what you really need to be fulfilled and happy.  These things are far more valuable than any material possession you could have, but the material things you want will likely start showing up for you too!  Lots of my clients have success and start checking things off of their goals list within the first few sessions.  During this introductory phase, I am offering this $1999 program for only 999.00. 

Course Outline:


Go ahead, breath deep and ask yourself what you really want out of life.  Many times we don't make space and time to do this, but this session we will, and you might be surprised by the answers that come up for you.   *Includes a suggested “No Complaining” 10 day agreement that you make with yourself.    


Session 2: EGO VS SOUL

In this session we’ll identify ego based desires & replace them with the real desires and needs of your soul.



We’ll explore what each of your needs and wants represent & how to bring more of those things into your life.  Includes “A Better Attitude Through Gratitude” exercise!



Order causes increase!  Conquering spaces that need to be de-cluttered. 



Exploring how your environment & influences affect the outcome of your life.    



Bring about powerful change through replacing limiting beliefs with positive affirmations that become your new set of core beliefs and move you forward.



These 4 sessions we’ll work on practical and specific things you need to do to move closer to meeting your dreams.  If you want a new job, we’ll tailor your resume to appeal to your ideal employer.  If you want to lose weight you’ll get some tennis shoes and workout clothes, join a gym or find a walking buddy.  If you want to travel internationally, this week you’ll get your passport together and read up on your dream destinations.    



By this session if you’ve followed the course program you will have made a ton of progress towards achieving your goals!  We’ll celebrate your successes, tweak anything that isn’t working and set new goals if desired.  


Session 12: REFLECTION  

This session we’ll do a meditation to harness the power of your intentions, thoughts and energy.  We’ll make sure that you’re properly set to allow things to come your way and remember to spend less time “on the grind”, more time enjoying the beauty, peace and joy that comes with manifesting your dream life.


12 x 45 min sessions

  • Creative Visioning workbook
  • Private audio recording of sessions for your reference any time (optional)
  • Access to private Facebook group where you can stay motivated and inspired by the testimonies of other women reaching their goals
  • Free email support through the duration of coaching sessions


All private sessions are confidential and valid for 180 days from the date of purchase.