I get it!  Some people are fuzzy on what Life Coaching is and what it can do for them.  If that's you, let me clear things up for you:  Life Coaching starts with where you are now, gives you the space to choose where you want to go, then offers tools, guidance and accountability to get there.   Since most coaching is done over the phone, this makes it convenient for us to have sessions no matter where you are.  Coaching is a commitment to yourself first and comes with a level of accountability to your coach too, so it's important to find one who you like and look forward to working with.   Wondering if we're a good fit?  We might be!

How many of these statements are true for you?

I want to...

  • Think in a way that uplifts me and attracts what I want into my life
  • Effortlessly accomplish goals and realize dreams
  • Stop doing work I hate & love what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Know what I want and need, and be comfortable asking for it

  • Be intentional in my decision making

  • Have clarity of purpose

  • Stop loving, dating & marrying the wrong men (ie. get off the roller coaster of bad relationships)

  • Stop doing things that stress me out and do things that feed my soul

  • Show up as a more confident person (ie be the CEO of YOU)

  • Stop bending over backwards for others & make self-care a priority

If you see yourself in any of these, your new life is calling! 

Do you really want to ignore it?  

Stop settling for whatever comes along & CREATE your life.
— Christina Michelle

I work one-on-one & through group coaching sessions.  Interested in learning more?  Schedule a free Create Your Life 30 minute call with me and let's explore the possibilities!