Overcoming Limiting Beliefs... My Date With the Bathroom

Last night I turned my bathroom into a mini-spa. I’ve lived here for 2 years and never considered taking a bath.  I wanted to, but I was waiting for a bigger, nicer tub in a bigger, nicer bathroom to come along.  The massaging shower head is wonderful though, so I always just took a shower and went on with life. 

Until yesterday.

At work I was reading a mindfulness book with ideas for practicing attending to the moment and being 100% present.  One of the exercises was to draw a long luxurious bath, taking in the scents of the soap, the warmth of the water and feeling each part of your body with love and acceptance.  It said something about opening your body and senses like a lotus flower on a pond – that’s not an exact quote but that’s what I remember from it.  The exercise sounded so inviting, but I thought “I don’t have a tub I can do this in.”  and quickly dismissed it.

As I went through the day the exercise was still on my mind.  When I got home I went upstairs and looked at the tub.  It had a wrinkled no-slip pad and a slight ring around the edge inside.  I scrunched up my nose and was like “No, I’ll definitely wait for another tub.” 

But thoughts of a luxurious bath kept calling me… 

So, I broke out the cleaning supplies.  I pulled up the no-slip pad and got to work cleansing the tub.  While I scrubbed I was sizing the tub up, wondering how much water I could put in there and still fit myself before the water would start to spill over.  Was this even going to be worth it? I kept cleaning. 

When I was satisfied that it was clean enough I went for it.  I’m taking a bath, yay!  I got a couple candles, my essential oils diffuser, a mini audio speaker and turned on a podcast, and a glass of wine.  I was about to grab my phone, but opening my body and senses like a lotus flower on a pond didn’t seem like it would include Facebook, so I left it in the bedroom. 

The experience opened up. 

I turned off the light and in the glow of the candles, changing colors of the essential oils diffuser, scent of the ginger & clay Epsom salt, the lavender soap steaming and bubbling in the water, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t in a legitimate spa! 

I got excited and stepped in the tub. 

The warmth was such a contrast from the 27-degree snow & rain weather we’re having.  I relished in the comfort that felt like a hug.  I took a sip of wine, listened to the podcast and wondered why I’d never done this before? 

Oh yeah, because I didn’t like the tub. 

I thought the tub was dirty. 

I thought the tub was too small. 

I was waiting for a bigger, better tub to come along. 

All the while, this tub was perfect.  It was big enough, that was just a story I was telling myself from my own insecurity.  And it wasn’t all that dirty, it just needed a new non-slip pad and good scrubbing.  

It turned out to be a wonderful bath and a learning experience.  I stayed in for almost an hour doing the practice exercise.  I left my mini-spa feeling renewed and I slept like a baby. 

Creating a life you adore is every bit about getting clear on what you want as it is about recognizing the potential of what you already.  Neither can be done effectively without challenging limiting beliefs. 

Notice the areas of your life where you automatically say “I can’t do that” or “It’s not possible for me right now.” Challenge those limiting beliefs with thoughts of “How can I make this happen now?” “Is this true or is this just a story?”

Many of our limiting beliefs are a story.  A story we tell ourselves or a story our ego or fear told us for so long, we can’t see it any other way now. 

What are your limiting belief stories?  

Write a new one today.

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