Are Your Apologies Effective?

Ahhh, the apology... well meaning but sometimes just doesn't quite land with the one on the receiving end of our well-meaning words.    

We tend to apologize to others in a way that we want to be apologized to, but sometimes the element of apologizing that we focus on isn't the most important to the person we're apologizing to.  Unless or until we know a persons "Apology Language" we can use these tips to help make our apologies more effective & get back in the good graces of others faster by covering all the bases and making sure your apology includes the following elements: 

*It was my fault - (Accepting Responsibility)
*I'm sorry - (Expressing Regret)
*Will you please forgive me? - (Asking for Forgiveness)
*How can I fix it / make it up to you? - (Making Restitution)
*It won't happen again - (Genuinely Repenting)

What's the most important thing for you to hear in an apology?  Find out your apology language here:


*Originally published November 8th, 2014

Christina MichelleComment