Evolution Requires Elimination

Seriously, I have friends I used to talk every single day, sometimes multiple times a day.  Now, I don’t know the last time I even heard from them.  One day everything changed.  I started feeling like I was the one pushing our friendship forward. I’d call and get voicemail, days would go by and I’d get a text saying how busy she was, asking “What’s up?” 

What’s up??  We never needed a reason to call each other before, but okay…

After a while of this awkwardness I’d eventually ask if something happened and get a vague “Oh, no, I’ve just been sooo busy…”  

I knew that wasn’t true since we’ve both always been busy and still able to build and maintain a friendship…

I’d rack my brain trying to figure out what happened, what I said or did wrong, and when I couldn’t think of anything, I just had to accept that it was what it was. 

People change, they grow, and sometimes OUT grow friends, jobs, close relationships, and situations.  I took decisive action to do something with and for my life when I moved a year and a half ago, and that (unexpectedly) affected some of my friendships.  I felt like it happened over night, but looking back I realize it’d BEEN happening. 

When you make up your mind to do something different, your frequency changes.  You attract who and what you need at that time, and release who and what you don’t. 

It hurts, but growth often does, and it’s ultimately for the best.  If it comes, let it.  If it goes, let it.  If it’s for you, it’s not gone forever.   Trust the process and stay the course to being the best you can, creating a life you absolutely adore along the way… because you can.      

Christina MichelleComment