Create a Powerful Vision Board & Bring Your Dreams to Life!


Vision Boarding - also known as Dream Boarding - is one of the best ways to create your life exactly the way you want and achieve your dreams.  This picture is one of my Vision Boards that has attracted some amazing things into my life.  I want to share 8 steps you can take to make your Vision Board powerful and bring your dreams to life too!   

1. TIME - schedule at least 4 hours. You may not use it all, but its better to have the time and not need it than to be interrupted once you're in the flow. 

2. ATMOSPHERE is everything. Create your sacred space with candles, soft instrumental music, & a clear surface with plenty room to spread out your poster board & supplies.

3. SUPPLIES you need are scissors, glue, tape, plenty of diverse magazines, decorative supplies like glitter, stickers, sparkly things, etc. And 1 big poster board - any color.

4. BE - Grab a pen and paper and at the top, write the word "Be". List who you desire to be over the next few months. Write it out like affirmations in the present-tense (I am happy, I am healthy) etc.

5. DO - Repeat the writing exercise & list things you want to do, also in the present tense (I travel to France, I write books, I run a successful business) etc...

6. HAVE - List the things you want to have, it can be anything. List them as if you already have them. (I have money, I have the relationship of my dreams, I have a new washing machine, etc... )

7. FLIP & SORT - Start flipping through your magazines slowly. Don't rush this! Just flip and tear out anything that calls to you. This takes the most time. When you have enough photos, sort them and set aside any that no longer feel right to you. 

8. ARRANGE- Letting your intuition guide you, arrange & paste your photos on the poster board, then decorate it. If you want to, put a favorite pic of yourself right in the middle. This is your life and a work of art, make it beautiful!

When you're done, hang it where you'll see it every day, multiple times a day if possible.  When you look at your vision board, feel very strongly as if whatever you want is already yours.  This should cause you to feel a lot of excitement, the more excited you are, the better!  Make this a daily practice and watch as your dreams begin to manifest.

One last thing... taking excellent care of yourself and feeling good is the fastest way to attract what you want.  Download a copy of my free guide to radical self-care now and maximize your manifesting power. 

You can totally do this and know that I am cheering for you!

Already manifested some amazing things?  Tell me about it in the comments below!