Mark Your Mirror, Change Your Life

Every day the message comes across in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we need to do more before we’re pretty enough, worthy enough, smart enough, lovable enough, good enough, qualified, educated, fit or successful enough.

It’s not true and this affirmation disarms the lies: “I AM ENOUGH”

“I am enough” is simple yet healing. It is life giving and light shining. Write it down. Write it in lipstick on your mirror, set a reminder on your phone, doodle it in your journal, whatever you have to do to remember.

Say it to yourself every day.

In the words of Author Lisa Nichols, “You have nothing protect, nothing to prove, nothing to hide, nothing to defend.” The first time I heard this, I cried and thought “Wow, what a relief.”

Our minds immediately accept anything that comes after “I am”. Make your words worth absorbing.

You are enough. Always have been. Always will be.

Get this and your life will change in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.

Christina MichelleComment