What I Wish Every Woman Knew About Self-Care

This morning I spent a little longer than usual in the shower.

I brought the Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom with me and rocked out to a feel-good playlist.

I took less time thinking about what to wear. I chose a sweatshirt, leggings and a skirt with Converse tennis shoes - the best non-outfit ever.

I also took extra time brushing my hair, the results are undetectable to the human eye but it felt good to me.

I set a boundary with a loved one who constantly needs a shoulder to cry on. I said “Not today. I love you but I’m off the clock today. Call a hotline if you need someone.”

Then I did a 10-minute v-steam meditation before leaving the house - yes, steaming your vagina with herbs is a thing! If you don’t know about it, I recommend you look into it. It’s like a facial for your nether lands.

I ran errands.

I manifested free coffee.

Strangers smiled at me in traffic.

I had more doors held open for me than usual.

I spent the afternoon at a library downtown, overlooking the city. It was quiet, foggy and beautiful.

I got a few things done and left at the end of the day feeling good.

In the hallway, I pressed the down button the doors swung open and a cute guy was standing inside.

“Come on in!” he said, like he was excited to see me.

I said “Why thank you!” in the silliest British accent, matching his enthusiasm.

I have no idea why I spoke with an accent, but as soon as I did, I laughed because it was so ridiculous.

He laughed too.

Next thing you know we’re in the lobby leaving the building together, walking down the street, talking like old friends.

I manifested another cup of coffee in the form of a date with him. And it turns out he’s an attorney, which makes sense since I was at a law library all day.

I'm tickled pink! But it's not about the date, I mean, that was cool, but it’s more about seeing how quickly treating yourself well pays off.

I started the day on the right vibe, and the Universe matched it.

This is what I wish more women knew about self-care. It's not selfish, it's self-actualization.

What do you wish to create with self-care?

I’d love to know.

Christina MichelleComment