Jazz Up Your Deviled Eggs for Easter!


1-2 dozen eggs


Food coloring of your choice



Dill or Sweet relish

Black Pepper

Seasoning salt or Goyo Adobo all purpose seasoning

Paprika or Parsley (for garnishment on top)

Here’s a new way to make your deviled eggs special and unique just like you!  I had this idea for my sister-in-love’s baby shower.  The mommy-to-be loves deviled eggs so I thought I’d make some for the party.  The colors for the shower were pink and gold so I originally planned to cutesy it up by making the centers pink, leaving the egg whites white.  After considering how hard it might be to get the yellow to change to an appealing shade of pink, I thought it would probably be easier to make the egg whites pink instead and leave the centers “gold” to match the shower colors.  So, here’s what I did:

Hard boil the eggs – Starting with a large pot add eggs and fill with cold water until the waters about 2 inches above the eggs.  Turn heat on medium high.  Bring them to a boil and let boil for 15 – 20 minutes.

Cool & peel the eggs – After the eggs are boiled, pour out the hot water and fill the pot with cold water and / or ice to let them cool.  Or if it’s still winter outside like it is over here, you can set the whole pot outside in some snow until they’ve cooled.  Once cool, peel the eggs.

Cut the eggs in half vertically (long ways) – Once cut, pop the yolks out and place in a mixing bowl.  Rinse the egg whites clean – Removing any leftover yolk in the center, then place in a large bowl or on a tray. 

Fill a large clear bowl with cool water and food coloring.  To get pink, use red as I did.  Add several drops of food coloring until the color is as rich as you want it to be and add egg whites. 

Let them soak for about 5 minutes, checking every couple minutes to make sure they don’t get dyed darker than you want them to. 

While you’re waiting on the whites to dye, you can mix up the yolk middles.  I don’t use measurements, I just add all of the ingredients to taste, except the paprika and parsley,  or use whatever your preferred deviled egg recipe is. 

Once they’re the shade you want, remove and lay egg whites on several pieces of paper towel or a clean kitchen towel, it only takes a couple minutes for them to dry.  From there, fill with them with the yolk mixture and voila, you have your own little customized creative deviled eggs!  Garnish with paprika or parsley if desired, and serve. 

Try red white & blue for 4th of July, or pastels for Easter!

*Note - Consider saving a few regular eggs for those who may be put off by the coloring.  I didn't the first time but I probably will the next time!