What Is a Life Coach?
The short answer is: someone who helps you focus on getting out of life what is important to you (even when you don’t know what that is yet!) and gives you the tools to keep doing this long after your final session.  There are a lot of different coaches with differing levels of life experience, certifications, personalities and styles.  When considering working with a life coach make sure you feel like you can connect with them and that they offer expertise in the areas of life you want to work on.

Where will our sessions take place?
A standard session is 45-60 minutes and usually conducted over the phone.   I also offer sessions through video conferencing if we're working on a special project that requires it or if you're international.  In person sessions can be arranged as well if you are local.  

Do you coach couples?
Yes, through my Go Gappy! Your Dream Life Through Creative Visioning coaching program.  *The program price applies per person as the program will require me to work with you as individuals and as a couple.

How many sessions will I need?
Clients work with me for 12 sessions on my Go Gappy! Your Dream Life Through Creative Visioning coaching program.  Healing Conversations coaching is 4 sessions.  If you want to work with me for 1 session on one of the program topics, or you want 1 session of Healing Conversation, please message me for pricing - individual sessions vary according to availability. 

What happens if we finish before we use all of the sessions?
If you get results sooner than you expect, you have the option to save the remaining session(s) for up to 180 days from purchase date.   

Do you coach groups?
Yes, I love group coaching!  I'm available to coach your private group or you can visit the events page for workshops that I'm currently hosting. 

What are your payment terms?
Payments are due in full prior to the first session.  If you book a package of sessions and don't want to continue after the first session,  I will offer a 100% refund on remaining sessions. 

Do you do public speaking?
Yes!  Contact me for more details.